President Rivlin gets into the Sukkot spirit

He along with second and third graders decorated the Open Sukkah which will be open to the Israeli public on October 17.

President Rivlin decorating his Sukkah (photo credit: KOBY GIDEON/GPO)
President Rivlin decorating his Sukkah
(photo credit: KOBY GIDEON/GPO)
Children of the President's Residence's staff and third graders from Yavneh school in Hadera helped President Reuven Rivlin decorate his Sukkah on Thursday, ahead of the Open Sukkah during the days of Sukkot.
“Come and visit the Sukkah of peace and togetherness, where everyone belongs and which belongs to everyone,” said the president. “Beit HaNasi is the people’s home, and the president’s Sukkah is the Sukkah of all Israelis. We welcome everyone and are looking forward to seeing you!” 
The Sukkah will be open on October 17 from 10am until 4pm. The theme of this year's Open Sukkah is "Finding Treasures in the President’s Sukkah."
The free event will allow people to meet with the Israeli president, take pictures with Theodore Herzl, and dig for archeological remains that have been found in and around Jerusalem. The president is also asking you to bring pictures and personal letters to be scanned into the National Archive. Visitors will also be able to experience a virtual reality film that will take them on a tour of the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Temple Mount. 
Entrance to the Sukkah will be found on Rehov HaNasi 3 in Jerusalem and you will need a valid Israeli ID to enter.