Netanyahu says fraud accusations against wife 'break records of absurdity'

"For the first time in history, a wife of a leader is indicted over food and take-out trays," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

PM Netanyahu questioned by Israeli police for first time in Case 3000, the "Submarine Affair," June 12, 2018 (Reuters)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his wife and fired back to allegations of indictment against Sara Netanyahu in a video posted to his official Facebook page on Friday evening. 
"For the first time in history, a wife of a leader is indicted over food and take-out trays," said the Prime Minister.
The recent accusations against Sara Netanyahu are for the alleged illegal charging of the State of Israel for food purchases despite having a cooking staff on the premises of the Prime Minister's residency.
"Never mind the fact that everyone ate the food: workers of the Prime Minister's residency, official guests and even heads of states," the prime minister continued.
The indictment claims that this was not a singular event but a well established practice over a long period of time.
Benjamin Netanyahu defended his wife by stating that the people who are saying that the prime minister should not have billed the state are citing a "bureaucratic falsehood."
"Five days before I assumed the office of prime minister in 2009, three bureaucrats who were not authorized to do so had established a special procedure which was never confirmed by the Knesset financial committee and are the ruling body in such issues," explained the Prime Minister.
"We are discussing here a bureaucratic procedure which is illegal, and an indictment that is based on a procedure which is illegal and this will not hold."
The prime minister segued his message by explaining that this process "does not prevent me from engaging in the things that really matter for our country and for you."
The prime minister concluded by referencing his recent meeting with official representatives of the Trump administration commenting that it was "very important for the security and future of our country."