Miri Regev's childhood friend: ‘You are shaming your parents' memory’

A self-proclaimed childhood friend of Regev's lashed out on social media against what she described as a self-promoting narrative Regev is falsely projecting using her personal history.

Miri Regev (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Miri Regev
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
“How much fake drama [will you stir up], and how much longer will you continue to dance over blood that's been spilled and build your reputation upon conflict and divisiveness, you miserable woman?!”
These are the words with which Anat Rav-El Ben David, a woman who claims to be a childhood friend of Culture Minister Miri Regev, began a message that went viral on the Hebrew web on Saturday.
"We were as close as can be for many years,” Ben David goes on to say, “and you never, ever, spoke as if you were the last of the oppressed and poverty stricken as you do today.”
The self-proclaimed childhood friend goes on to describe the family life of Minister Regev as she remembers it. As she describes it, it was a life spent in relative comfort among Spanish speaking parents who were educated and listened to Spanish music at home.
During her term in office as Minister of Culture, Regev often addressed what she views as a historical injustice suffered by Jews from Muslim countries who arrived to Israel and were, as the argument goes, mistreated by Jews from European countries who were already present in the Jewish state.
“Your grandparents,” the friend writes to Regev, “were not illiterate…as you boldly lied by saying.”
The text was tweeted by former Finance Minister Roni Bar-On, who added "you, too, deserve to know" at the bottom.
At the time of publication Miri Regev had not issued any reaction to the text.