Russian gang sets fire to Israeli prison

Russian members of the Tanski gang tried to set Eshel prison in south Israel ablaze on Monday, the fires was put out and no one was hurt.

Russian crime tattoo   (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Russian crime tattoo
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Three different fires were set on Monday by members of the Tanski gang, who are locked in Eshel prison in the south of Israel.
The gang members were trying to deliver a message to the prison authorities, that message being that their leader, Michael Tanski, who is seen as the head of the Russian mafia in the south of Israel and is serving time in Eshel prison for murder, should get preferential treatment to other inmates.
Recently, report sources inside the prison authority, Michael Tanski attempted to dictate some conditions, but was made to understand his rights are the same as those of the other inmates.
Michael Tanski is said to control his gang within prison as well, and earlier this year he was attacked in the prison yard.