Sara Netanyahu in court: My character is being butchered

Prime minister's wife is being sued by former employee who claims he was abused.

Sara Netanyahu rejected claims of poor treatment by a former employee while testifying at the Jerusalem Labor Court on Thursday.
"The atmosphere at the [prime minister's] residence is very good. It's all a bag of lies. My work relations are excellent. I treat the employees in a pleasant and cultured way," the prime minister's wife said.
Netanyahu is being sued by former employee Guy Eliyahu for poor treatment. Eliyahu has claimed that while working at the residence, the prime minister's wife abused him, and is demanding NIS 500,000 in compensation.
The prime minister's wife also referred to former employee Meni Naftali, who is suing the Netanyahu family for labor-law violations.
"Since Meni left, the relations at the Prime Minister's Residence have improved and the shouting is gone," she said. "The serious thing is that a crooked and wretched man is sullying my name. My character is being butchered."
Last month, Eliyahu testified against Netanyahu, presenting a variety of examples of the poor treatment he received as an employee.
He accused Netanyahu of asking “me to bring her food, and when I would return with the requested food she would accuse me of trying to make her fat.”
Eliyahu said that on one occasion, he was called back to the residence “after midnight, just so I could heat up a bowl of soup for Mrs. Netanyahu.” He said that he was reprimanded by Netanyahu and told that he must come back to the residence no matter the hour if she wanted food.
Yonah Jeremy Bob contributed to this report.