Shaving off the virus: Paramedics bristle after new health regulations

Due to recent instructions from the Health Ministry, MADA paramedics had to shave their beards to reduce being infected with COVID-19.

Afula medic Yossi Neumark (photo credit: Courtesy)
Afula medic Yossi Neumark
(photo credit: Courtesy)
After 20 years of keeping a beard, MADA Carmel Chief Erez Geller removed his facial hair to ensure his face mask will be as close to his skin as possible as per the new instructions released by the Health Ministry to combat coronavirus, a press release on behalf of Magen Dovid Adom reported on Sunday.  
“If you talk the talk,” meaning he asked people working under him to shave off their beards, “you need to walk the walk,” and do it yourself, he explained.  
Having been bearded since he was 16 years old, and keeping his beard during army service, Afula medic Yossi Neumark also feels a bit strange with his altered appearance.  
“I have no regrets,” he said, “I mean to keep my facial skin smooth, so I can keep on saving lives.”