Shop, pray, repeat - the emerging synagogue trend in Israeli retail stores

"In the past year, the company (Lavi) has established 57 synagogues in the supermarkets of Rami Levy, Yohananoff and Wineot Bitan."

THE TEL AVIV skyline (photo credit: REUTERS)
THE TEL AVIV skyline
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Supermarkets, malls and retail stores across Israel have started a new retail and religious trend: opening synagogues inside the stores themselves.
Lavi Industries, the largest designer, manufacturer and constructor of synagogues in Israel, has provided the services to major retail chains throughout the country, including Rami Levy, Yochananof and Wineot Bitan.
Lavi has also built synagogues in a few of Israel's malls, including the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv and the Malha Mall in Jerusalem.
CEO Micha Oberman, CEO said that in the past year Lavi established 57 supermarket synagogues.
Rami Levy, the first company to start the trend, is the third largest retail supermarket discount chain in Israel. Rami Levy now has 33 synagogues in their stores across the country.
“In the next two years, 30-40 synagogues will be opened in chain stores, malls and other retail locations." Oberman said.