Israeli Red Devils’ fans unite in support of beloved Man U

Hundreds gather at annual celebration organized by official Manchester United fan club in Israel.

Legions of Manchester United fans here in Israel – including the author, Josh Aronson (right). (photo credit: ETTY SAPIR)
Legions of Manchester United fans here in Israel – including the author, Josh Aronson (right).
(photo credit: ETTY SAPIR)
Over 300 Manchester United Fans tried not to watch as their beloved Red Devils drew against West Bromwich Albion in the small pub, Dublin, in Herzliya.
However, despite the draw, the game did not ruin last week’s “United Day” for the Israeli Reds, the annual celebration organized by the official Manchester United fan club here in the county.
As is written on the organization’s website, “The purpose and main objective on which the Israeli Reds were founded is to be a home-base for all fans living, working, studying, on vacation or just passing through the holy land and making sure that we are all UNITED.”
Those entering the pub from a typical Israeli street were instantly transported to Manchester, England. Fans in all United colors and shades, of all sizes and ages, belted out “Ryan Giggs running down the wings” in honor of the recently retired Man U legend.
The evening, hosted by Yediot Hasharon journalist Amir Azor, kicked off the event, which began with a collage of Israeli Reds memories. There were speeches and short films as an ode to past Israeli Reds meetings, as well as past and potential United players.
Those in attendance were also treated to a full repertoire of United songs by the renown Israeli rock band “The Believers.”
All fans enjoyed the evening as the Israeli Reds Fan Club accomplished its goal to help fans around Israel watch Manchester United games throughout Israeli pubs to create a true English ambiance within Israel. Also on the agenda is to organize visits throughout Europe to watch Manchester games, organize special events for fans of the group in Israel and to arrange the team’s players in visits to the country.
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This article was written by a 28-year--old Manchester United fan with Aspergers syndrome who entered the world of journalism to prove that people with disabilities can become successful.