Suspects arrested after woman collapses at Tel Aviv club

Police say unclear if woman was drugged or took some sort of substance willingly.

Pills (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
Police arrested two men suspected of giving drugs to a Tel Aviv woman who collapsed at a club in the city early Saturday morning and is hospitalized in serious condition.
The two suspects, aged 46 and 47, are both acquaintances of 23-year-old Moshit Fisher, whose condition has improved somewhat, according to Ichilov Hospital officials.
Both suspects were arrested on Sunday morning and ordered kept in custody until Wednesday.
Tests have found traces of Ecstasy and alcohol in Fisher’s blood, but no trace of any so-called “date rape drug” or of powerful tranquilizers that could explain her collapse.
Police haven’t determined if she took the Ecstasy psychoactive drug willingly or if it was slipped into a drink at the club.
The incident took place at “The Block” on Salameh Street in south Tel Aviv, where Fisher was seen with the two suspects before she collapsed and was rushed to hospital by paramedics.
Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Fisher’s mother, Tzofia, said she received a call from Ichilov Hospital on Saturday, something she “doesn’t want any parent to have to endure.”
She said her daughter doesn’t take drugs, and she doesn’t believe that she took the drugs willingly.
On Saturday, Tel Aviv police said that they reached an agreement with the owners of The Block to close the establishment for 24 hours while they investigate the incident.
They added that depending on the findings of the probe, they may decide to hold a hearing with the owners to determine whether to extend the closure.