TED talks coming to Israel celebrate women

TEDxJaffaWomen is part of a series of TEDx talks around the world titled TEDxWomen, which take place once a year after the global TEDWomen.

TEDxJaffaWomen event (photo credit: DROR SITAHKOL)
TEDxJaffaWomen event
(photo credit: DROR SITAHKOL)
TEDx will be heading to Israel in a mid-December worldwide conference focusing around talks by women, this time hosted in Jaffa.
TED talks are 18-minute talks led by some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in an array of different fields. TEDx events are local and self-organized.
TEDxJaffaWomen is part of a series of TEDx talks around the world titled TEDxWomen, which take place once a year after the global TEDWomen event and celebrates a dynamic, diverse group of women who face challenges in their fields.
During the week of December 12, the day the event will be taking place, over 200 events will be happening around the world under the headline TEDxWomen.
A group of six speakers will be attending the non-profit event and speaking in English, with simultaneous Hebrew translations.
TEDxJaffaWomen event (Credit: Dror Sitahkol)TEDxJaffaWomen event (Credit: Dror Sitahkol)
These speakers include Ayat Abou Shmeiss, a poet from Jaffa who brings the ideas of local women forward; Dalia Feldheim, a market manager in an international company, on the re-appropriation of sexist terms regarding women; Prof. Dan Arieli, a behavioral psychologist, discussing tools to motivate others; Tina Busuik, an inspirational blind woman who learned to succeed despite her setbacks; Dr. Marek Glezerman on the lack of medicinal research being performed on women; and Adi Nissim, head of the “Street Interviews” project, which asks strangers in the street intuitive questions to enable a platform of expression.
Numerous TEDx events were hosted in Israel in previous years, namely in Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv is the 32nd-best city worldwide for its ability to attract and support women-owned businesses, according to Dell Technologies’ biennial Women Entrepreneur Cities (WE Cities) Index, which was published in July. This ranking is a drop in contrast to previous years, making the focus on advancing women in their fields critical.
The license to create TEDxJaffa events is owned by Libi Ben-Nun and Galia Cukierman and have been taking place since 2011, including TEDxHiriya, TEDxWeizmannInstitute and TEDxTelAvivUniversity. The events are nonprofit events so that the income from tickets pay for basic event expenses.
Ben-Nun manages projects at the web and mobile-based GUX Studio on a day-to-day basis, while Cukierman teaches at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Rehovot on Quality and Sustainability Management and Urban Agriculture, having been awarded “best professor” numerous times.
The event begins on December 12 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here or over the phone at 073-7833745.