Tent outside of Netanyahau’s home to say: No to Palestinian State

Suggested by the Sovereignty Movement and Sovereignty Youth, the tent is meant to host a three-day series of lectures and events supporting annexation.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo credit: REUTERS)
PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
To show their support of annexing the Jordan Valley and 30% of the West Bank as part of the Deal of the Century US President Donald Trump pushes forward, activists will erect a tent to keep a three days vigil starting on Sunday.
The tent will host guests such as former justice minister Ayelet Shaked and former transportation minister Bezalel Smotrich who will present their views as well as activists who will engage in Hasbara, a term usually used to describe Israeli public relations efforts to non-Israelis but here used in the context of presenting a pro-annexation view to the general public.  
The tent is to be erected facing the official residency of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  
The Sovereignty Movement and Sovereignty Youth activists, who support the annexation on the table, fiercely reject the implied notion that a Palestinian State will be created on the remaining 70% of West Bank lands.  
It is this crucial element which makes it the Deal of the Century, as it is meant to eventually lead to a two-state solution of the century long conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.  
This is why several settler leaders and extreme right-wing activists argue that Israel should take what’s on the table now, meaning the lands, but refuse to signal in any way that it concedes to having a new Arab state erected at its midst.  
The EU, Egypt and Jordan warned publicly and in confidential talks that an Israeli annexation of the lands will have ramifications. The Palestinian Authority formally declared it ended its coordination with Israel and objects to any one-sided annexation of West Bank lands.