The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of March 27

Bill Maher says Europe has been an a****** to Israel, right-wing protestors give Nazi salute in Brussels, Netanyahu and Bennett spar over Hebron shooting, and more.

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1. American media personality Bill Maher thinks that maybe after the attacks in Brussels that killed 31 on Tuesday, Europe will have more sympathy for Israel.
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2. Right-wing protesters attending a memorial ceremony in honor of the victims of the Brussels terror attacks were seen giving the Nazi salute and chanting nationalists slogans, CNN reported Sunday.
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3. Education Minister Naftali Bennett criticized Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the Hebron shooting scandal at Sundays cabinet meeting, drawing a harsh response from the prime minister.
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4. The ISIS affiliate in Egypt's Sinai peninsula plans to carry out a "big operation" in southern Israel, which will include an attack on the resort city of Eilat, a militant close to the group warned.
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5. Soccer star Messi's gesture of donating shoes to an Egyptian charity is taken by many social media activists as an indication of his scorn for Egyptians, since showing the sole of one's shoe is regarded as an insult in Arab culture.
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