The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of September 25

Giuliani says US should abandon two-state solution, US Orthodox rabbinical association calls Chief Rabbinate behavior a disgrace, Netanyahu meets Trump and Clinton, and more.

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1. The United States should give up on a two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Saturday night.
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2. While Playboy Magazine is often known for its more risky photo shoots, the magazine is making headlines with its recent October issue for a different reason. Noor Tagouri, an American journalist that happens to wear a hijab, was featured in the issue, marked as the magazine's "renegades" issue.
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3. The Rabbinical Council of America, the most prominent association of Orthodox rabbis in the US, has branded the Chief Rabbinate’s behavior in a conversion case “a disgrace,” owing to its policy rejecting conversions approved by the most senior rabbinical judge of the Beth Din of America, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz.
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4. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet separately in New York on Sunday with both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The meetings are scheduled to take place just a day before the two candidates square off for their first presidential debate.
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5. The Memorandum of Understanding that President Barack Obama concluded last week with Israel regarding US military aid to Israel for the next decade is classic Obama, Caroline Glick argues.
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