The Lounge: January 7, 2018

The latest social news from Israeli life.

FROM LEFT: Israel Makov, Lena Kreindlin and Eli Zohar. (photo credit: AVIV CHOFI)
FROM LEFT: Israel Makov, Lena Kreindlin and Eli Zohar.
(photo credit: AVIV CHOFI)
Art & Wine
The Young Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum celebrated the New Year with an Art & Wine event held in the stunning wine cellar of a Wine Route shop on Hasmonean Street in Tel Aviv. During the evening, the young friends enjoyed a wine tasting and a lecture on “Wine in Art” given by Tel Aviv Museum curator Raz Samira. There to wish their friends a happy New Year were: chairs of the Young Friends Association Elital and Jason Arison; Elian Alcon-Kaplan and her husband Tom; Elite Elkon, a lawyer who is a partner at Gornitzky & Co. and also Elital and Elian’s older sister; Lida and Eyal Elkon; Sivan Sabag and her partner Pavel Zlanski-Sabag; Atara Dzikowski, director of the Friends of the Museum; Dudi Dahan; and Sarah Blum, who organized the evening on behalf of the Museum.
Water Gen
The Location: Central Square in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.  Water Gen, owned by Israeli businessman Michael Mirilashvili, stationed a new device made by the company in Central Square next to the police station.  The revolutionary Israeli technology, which transforms air into high quality drinking water, was created as a way of overcoming water scarcity. This will be especially helpful in Brazil, a country with more than 250 million inhabitants.
The chief rabbi of Sao Paulo came to say “L’chaim” over a glass of water with Mirilashvili and his wife Laura. Water Gen is considered one of the most promising Israeli companies, and in the past received an award for its breakthrough technology from CES and the World Economic Forum.
The Slave
The Gesher Theater Fellows attended the festive premiere of the play The Slave, an adaptation for the stage of the timeless novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer, directed by Yevgeny Aryeh.
Welcoming the guests were: Nili Zohar and chair of the theater, Adv. Eli Zohar; Bella Lustig and chairman of the Friends Association, Israel Makov; director of the Friends Association Ruthy Heilpern; and the director-general Lena Kreindlin.
Teddy Sagi
Billionaire Teddy Sagi and his significant other, Yael Nizri, hosted a spontaneous New Year’s party in their home. About 150 guests, close friends, and managers of the Sagi Group, including the host’s parents – Ami and Lizika Sagi – were invited to the celebration. The evening included fireworks and performances by Neta Barzilai, Eden Ben Zaken and of course their close friend Omer Adam.
Michael Levin
Drorit Nitzani, the community relations director of the Michael Levin Lone Soldiers Program, began the New Year with a party whose proceeds were donated to lone soldiers who serve in the IDF and who don’t have families in Israel. Many people contributed to the worthy cause by attending the celebration, which was held at the Sheva Events Hall in Tel Aviv, including Lihi Lapid and her son Lior; Yair Nitzani; Mark Topilsky and Lilach Asher-Topilsky; Ron Zuckerman and Michaela Barko; Danny Tokatly; and Gila and Zvika Limon.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.