The newest smash-hit song in Israel

Dreaming of partying in Greece

Static and Ben El (photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH)
Static and Ben El
(photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH)
Israeli pop icons Static and Ben-El teamed up with Israeli superstar Eden Ben Zaken and singer/rapper Stephane Legar to record a new song, "Yassou." The song promises to become one of the biggest hits in Israel this winter, possibly even for the entire year. The music and accompanying video are Greek themed; "yassou" is a Greek word that translates to "hello" in English and "shalom" in Hebrew.
Static and Ben-El have released many hits in Israel as a duo, and and are best known for songs such as "Tudo Bom" (which has a Brazilian theme) and "Zahav." As of now the music video for "Tudo Bom" has over 53 million views on YouTube, quite an achievement in a country with less than 9 million citizens.
Eden Ben Zaken shot to stardom as a contestant on the Israeli version of the X-Factor. She has released numerous hits, among them "Queen of Roses" ("Malcat haShoshannim"), and "Fresh," which is sung in English. Her videos also garner an astronomical amount of views.