Tour Israel: Camping options around the country

This is the best time of year to go camping in Israel.

(photo credit: DINA DAGAN)
This is the best time of year to go camping in Israel. The weather is perfect. The days are no longer too hot, but the nights aren’t yet cold. Instead of going to stay in a hotel this holiday season, why not try out camping and spend some time in nature? There are lots of great options for camping throughout Israel, so pack your bags and get ready for an incredible back-to-nature experience.
Dina Dagan, a Jerusalem restaurateur who thwarted a terrorist attack in her restaurant in Jerusalem during the Second Intifada, decided to leave everything behind and seek out quiet and calm next to the Dead Sea. At first, she began preparing Moroccan style food that she’d sell to people vacationing in the area, and later on she opened up a small restaurant on the beach. Over the years, she’s slowly expanded her business and her resort has now grown to 70 guest rooms.
Location: North Dead Sea, near Almog Intersection
Facilities: A BBQ area, shared bathroom and showers.
Price (for the holidays): Starting at NIS 200 per person (minimum 20 people); NIS 140 per person in camping area.
Festive holiday meal: Adults NIS 130; Children NIS 100.
Breakfast: Adults NIS 70; Children NIS 60.
Details: 052-640-1140,
Zion and Michal Suissa established Gamaliya Camping near Moshav Ein Yahav, which offers six large wooden tents that are covered with material and come with floor mats, mattresses, electrical outlets and lights, and the option for air-conditioning and heating. Each tent is a different size and can accommodate up to 14 people. Next to the large tents there is an open area that can hold up to 30 people. There is a snack bar available for guests, and there are kitchen facilities available for all the camping guests, as well as tables and chairs, lighting and BBQ pits.
Location: Central Arava, near Moshav Ein Yahav.
Facilities: Wading pool, showers with hot water, separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, and a restaurant.
Price: Large tents range from NIS 500-1,000. The Tamar area, which holds up to 30 people, costs NIS 2,500-3,500.
Details: 052-366-6240,
Smack in the middle of Ramon Crater you’ll find Khan Hasharayot, which offers a peaceful desert experience and authentic Bedouin hospitality offered by local Bedouin. There are three options for sleeping arrangements: a large Bedouin tent, guest cabins and camping grounds. You can enjoy a scrumptious traditional Bedouin dinner while sitting on mattresses and listening to fascinating folk tales, eat breakfast as the sun rises over the horizon, and enjoy a camel ride along the ancient spice route.
Tourist attractions in the vicinity include: David Ben-Gurion’s house, Ein Avdat, Har Michya, Ramon Crater and the Alpaca Ranch.
Location: Negev Desert near Sde Boker.
Facilities: Electrical outlets and lighting, showers and bathrooms, drinking fountains, dishwashing sink and comfortable seating.
Price: Bedouin tent, sleeping accommodations only: Adults NIS 90, Children NIS 70.
Camping: Adults NIS 70, Children NIS 50.
Breakfast: NIS 40-50.
Details: 053-611-0486.
The Tel Arad campsite was built mostly to accommodate school and youth groups on trips in the area. The site is popular due to its proximity to the Judean Hills, the Dead Sea, and both the small and large craters. Visitors can learn about the incredible historical and archaeological significance of the site, and can also visit nearby sites such as Masada, Har Amasa and Yatir.
Location: Tel Arad Intersection on Road 31. After passing Shoket intersection, drive another two kilometers and then turn right onto Road 2808.
Facilities: The “Canaanite” communal sleeping area, camping, tents and mattresses available for rental, bathrooms and showers, electricity, picnic tables, kitchenette.
Prices: Adults NIS 55, Children NIS 40. 25% discount for Matmon card holders.
Details: *3639, .
Achziv Beach is full of breathtaking views, a pristine rocky coastline, lots of cute little pools of water, and of course the gorgeous sandy beach. Almost everyone agrees that there’s just nothing as nice as hanging out at the beach. Add to that a night of glamping, and you won’t ever want to go home.
The canvas tents are located right on the beach and can fit up to six guests. Each one of the 20-square-meter tents, which sit on top of wooden decks, includes a double bed, a futon couch that opens up to a bed that can sleep two more people, sheets, pillows and a fan. For an additional fee, you can also book a tent with air conditioning. There’s also an outlet where you can charge your cell phones, a mini-bar and an exterior shower. On the balcony, you can sit outside and enjoy the incredible sea view.
Location: Achziv Beach, northern Israel
Facilities: The kitchen area has a gas cooker, a BBQ pit, refrigerators and a sink for washing dishes, a kosher snack bar and lots of places to sit and hang out. There’s also a designated area of the beach for surfing and water sports.
Price: Tents that are right on the beach are NIS 1,190 per night. The second row tents cost NIS 990 per night. The third row tents cost NIS 890 per night.
Details: 077-729-6186. 
The Ma’ayan Baruch camping site in the Ma’ayan Hagoshrim Kayaking site, located along the Snir-Hasbani River, is a great option for sleeping accommodations and additional activities. Visitors can bathe in the cool water of the Hasbani River, have a picnic, set up their tents on the well-maintained grassy area near the water, or rest below the shady areas. Alternatively, you can rent a Coleman tent that can accommodate up to eight people. Tents include mattresses, KKL-JNF picnic tables and electrical outlets.
Facilities: Bathrooms and showers with hot water, picnic tables, organized parking area, electrical outlets, lighting, and U pit.
Price: NIS 80 per person.
Details: 077-271-7500,
The Yehiam Fortress National Park camping grounds was established in 2006 in the forest area just below the Yehiam Fortress. It’s located within the fence that encircles the kibbutz, which offers an additional feeling of safety and calm. There are a number of great hikes you can take in the region.
Location: Western Galilee, south of Kibbutz Yehiam
Facilities: Camping, tents and mattresses are available for rental, bathroom and showers, electricity, picnic tables and kitchenette.
Price: Adults NIS 40, Children NIS 30. 25% discount to Matmon holders.
Details: *3639, .
Translated by Hannah Hochner.