Two more police commanders under investigation for sexual misconduct

The two cases are just the latest in a series to go public in recent weeks.

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Two more police commanders are under investigation for sexual harassment and sexual assault, the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday.
It is in the latest embarrassment to a police force reeling from a series of sexual misconduct scandals in recent weeks and months.
Both officers serve in northern Israel and hold the rank of nitzav mishne (commander), which is the rank held by station and subdistrict commanders, among other high-level roles in the police.
On Monday night, one of the commanders was questioned by Justice Ministry investigators for five hours, following allegations that he sexually harassed and attempted to grope a female police volunteer in her 20s who came to him for help with her duties in the police force. He is also being investigated for breach of trust.
Following his questioning Monday night, the ministry ordered him suspended for two weeks.
The other officer is accused of making sexually explicit remarks to a female civilian.
The two cases are the latest in a series to go public in recent weeks. On February 5, it was cleared for publication that Coastal District head, Asst.-Ch. Hagai Dotan, is under investigation for sexually harassing female officers under his command. At the same time, it was also revealed that Cmdr. Moshe Ivgy, the head of the Beersheba police station, is also being questioned for sexual misconduct.
In Ivgy’s case, the complainant is a woman who was five months pregnant when the officer allegedly made lewd advances toward her.
Over the past year and a half, seven officers with the rank of assistant chief – the second highest in the police force – have resigned or been fired, including four because of sexual misconduct allegations or charges.