Report: Three Palestinians killed as March of Return protests continue

Thousands protest at Gaza border in renewed confrontation with IDF, Israel attacks two positions in southern strip.

gaza protest (photo credit: MOHAMMED SALEM/REUTERS)
gaza protest
Three Palestinians were killed in confrontations with the IDF in the northern Gaza Strip, among them a 14 year old boy, Palestinian sources reported on Friday.
According to an IDF spokesperson some 13,000 rioters have gathered in several locations along the Gaza Strip's fence in the past few hours, burning tires, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers and the border fence. In light of attempts to sabotage the fence and to harm Israeli soldiers, the IDF responded by means of crowd dispersal and acted in accordance with the Open-Fire Regulations.
In addition, IDF forces identified nine suspects who crossed the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip. They immediately returned to the Gaza Strip.
In another statement, the IDF spokesperson reported that IDF aircraft and tanks attacked two positions of the Hamas terrorist organization along the Gaza Strip in response to a number of grenades and explosive devices thrown at IDF soldiers during the riots.
"The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for everything happening in and out of the Gaza Strip", he continued. "IDF fighters will continue to thwart attempts to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers in order to protect the borders of the State of Israel and its citizens."
An IDF officer was slightly injured by shrapnel from a pipe bomb that was thrown in. The officer was given medical treatment on the spot.
Earlier today an incendiary balloon was found in a playground in Kiryat Gat. The police said that no children were present when the balloon was found and that it didn't cause any damage. It was neutralized in a controlled manner by a sapper.
This week marks the 25th consecutive week in which Palestinians gather at the fence in the so-called March of Return protests.
In early August, thousands of Israeli Gaza border communities residents protested in Tel Aviv against the ongoing tensions in the south of the country. Protesters carried signs claiming the right of a child near the Gaza border fence to safety is equal to that of a child in central Israel and called on the prime minister to "wake up" as the south is "on fire".
One protester reportedly cried out: "We're being used as cannon fodder!"