Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works heading to Israel

Prices will reportedly be similar to those in the US.

Tel Aviv Fashion Mall reopening (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/MAARIV)
Tel Aviv Fashion Mall reopening
Some good news for Israeli shoppers as 2021 approaches: Delta has announced its plans to open 20 Bath and Body Works (BBW) stores in Israel, as well as seven Victoria's Secret (VS) stores. 
The first Bath and Body Works store will be opening in the third quarter of 2021, and the VS openings will follow shortly in late 2021.
For years, Israelis have been ordering from the brands' websites through shipping companies that provide an address in the US, Ynet reported. From there, packages are shipped to Israel. 
VS stores first opened in Israel in 2012, but they only included the cosmetics brands and did not provide the full experience, not to mention that the products sold in them were expensive compared to the US, according to Ynet. This time around, the VS stores will include lingerie collections, the Pink brand for teens, pajamas, accessories and cosmetics.
On the other hand, this will be BBW's debut in Israel. 
"We will sell a wide and attractive range of products there," said Delta CEO Anat Bonger, according to Ynet. "We will open the stores with a faster momentum than that of Victoria's Secret." 
Apparently, the first store may not be opened in Tel Aviv. She told Ynet that "there are cities with greater purchasing power than Tel Aviv." 
Banat added that prices will be similar to US prices. 
She also told Ynet that VS will not be a direct competitor to Delta because VS mainly targets women with "sexy lingerie" whereas Delta offers products that also cater to men and children. In addition, Pink as a brand is much more "colorful and noisy." 
Cheers to a colorful and noisy new year for Israeli shoppers!