VIDEO: Anti-Semitic imagery used in viral ad for Holocaust survivor rights

An Israeli digital advertising firm, Hooligans, produced a one-minute clip that has gone viral on social media here in Israel.

Anti-Semitic imagery used in Holocaust survivor PSA
The most notorious anti-Semitic images used in Nazi propaganda are being enlisted by an Israeli digital content firm which wants to call public attention to the abject poverty in which many Holocaust survivors in Israel live.
The firm, Hooligans, produced a one-minute clip that has gone viral on social media here in Israel.
“In the Jewish state, of all places, nobody cares,” one of the characters in the film, a depiction of a Jew with an abnormally large nose, says.
The provocative, tongue-in-cheek clip seeks to highlight the irony of Holocaust survivors and their difficulty in making ends meet in Israel.
“The time has come for Holocaust survivors to stop depending on the money that NGOs scrounge up for them,” the company said in a statement. “The time has come for Holocaust survivors to shed the wretchedness that has been foisted on them and to start living a respectable life, with money earmarked for them that doesn’t reach them.”
In the first segment, the “Jew” holding a globe says: “It’s not OK that we are being depicted like this – with such ugly noses, large ears.”
The second figure under the heading “JUDE” says: “I don’t even have such a scary face. I’ve always been told I have a baby face.”
The third man with the Star of David on his forehead says: “The truth is it didn’t surprise me one bit. You know who they are. They’re all anti-Semitic.”
The fourth man in the hat – with two children looking on – says: “What did surprise me is that in the state of the Jews, of all places, nobody cares. Nobody will agree to give me the compensation that will extricate me from illness, hunger and poverty. That’s something I never saw coming.”
The fifth figure with the coins in one hand and a map with a hammer and sickle in the other says: “Could it be that the only thing we care about is money?”
The final caption reads: “While Holocaust survivors continue to subsist on donations, hundreds of millions of shekels in reparations and compensation are still languishing in state coffers.”
“What are they waiting for?” the video asks. “We can take a guess.”