Walmart mistakenly advertises recruiting employees Israel

The head of Walmart visited Israel in March.

People line up outside a Walmart store (photo credit: CARLO ALLEGRI/REUTERS)
People line up outside a Walmart store

It looked like Walmart was coming to Israel, or at least it seemed so initially.

The company has been posting job listings on LinkedIn in recent weeks looking for cashiers, food handlers, pharmacists, and merchandise stockers in Jerusalem, the business website Calcalist reported.

As it turned out however, this was in fact, an error in the job listing itself, as when clicking on the link led instead to a listing for Salem, Illinois.

Calcalist reported last year that representatives of Walmart visited Israel to look into the possibility of opening a branch in the country, which seemed to bring credence to the idea that this was indeed possible. In an economic conference in Davos, Switzerland, one of Walmart's senior employees, John Farmer, met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's economic consultant Avi Simhon where they discussed the possibility of Walmart in Israel.

"We made it clear that we are willing to make certain restrictions easier for them, where possible in order to make the Israeli market more accessible for them" Simhon said at the time and added "Netanyahu's office door is open to them". This was apparently done in order to alleviate the cost of living in Israel, since Walmart is considered a cheap network, though the Walmart spokesperson refused to comment.