Watch: Left-wing activists protest President Rivlin's Hebron visit

Small scuffle ensues until protesters are forced to leave.

Left-wing activists protest Rivlin's visit to Hebron
President Reuven Rivlin was greeted by a small group of Meretz activists when he visited the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday afternoon. 
The group of activists tried to hold up signs to protest Rivlin's visit to the small Jewish community in the city.
A small scuffle ensued during the protest between the activists and police until security forces dispersed the protesters. 
Following the protest,  the local Jewish community said, "The quarrelsome Left bring the opposite of peace that they talk about so much."  
"But, luckily disturbances such as these do not cause damage to Hebron, the eternal city," they added.
While in the city, Rivlin said he would also be attending a conference funded by the New Israel Fund in response to calls by the local Jewish community for him not to attend.
"I didn't cancel my visit to Hebron and I will similarly not cancel my participation at the NIF Democracy conference," he said.