WATCH: Netanyahu blasts Israeli press coverage of his Latin America visit

In a recent video released on his twitter account Israeli Prime Minister boasts about his "historic" visit before saying unnamed "they" keep the public in the dark about it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is speaking with the top businessmen of Mexico. (photo credit: AVI OHAYON - GPO)
Prime Minister Netanyahu is speaking with the top businessmen of Mexico.
(photo credit: AVI OHAYON - GPO)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now in the US, ahead of his Tuesday speech at the UN, posted a video on his twitter account in which he presents highlights from his recent Latin-American visit - focusing on live television coverage of his speeches and meetings with the leaders of Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Paraguay. With dramatic and swelling music in the background the live coverage, by Latin-American reporters, is contrasted with a slide in Hebrew that claims that in the Israeli media the historic visit merited "Zero" live coverage and "near-zero" written coverage in the printed media. Why? Because, claimed the official account of the leader of the Jewish state, "They don't want you to know." The claim was met with some support from users who heaped praise on the prime minister, and with raised eyebrows and jocular memes by others.
The responses included people pointing out that, due to the time difference between Latin-America and Israel (prime time in Mexico-City is eight hours earlier for Israel, meaning Israelis would have to wake up in 4 am to watch the speech),  live-coverage would have been impossible. Other asked who are these mysterious "they" of whom the PM spoke.  Moav Vardi, a Channel 10 correspondent, wrote on his own account that not only did he cover the visit, the office of the PM sent him a congratulating text message about his work. The reporter wrote that the claim "they don't want you to know" is "cynical."
Netanyahu had often stated that he thinks the Israeli media is biased against him and that the Israeli media and cultural spheres are mostly composed of left-leaning people who resent him, his family, and Israeli sectors that support the Likud party and vote time after time in favor of the prime minister.      
One user, who asked who are these "they" the PM spoke of, posted this meme next to a post saying he's still waiting for a reply.