WATCH: Police prepare for security related events over High Holidays

A series of exercises held in Jerusalem check readiness of security forces in the area.

Police forces hold security drills in Jerusalem to check readiness ahead of High Holidays‏
In preparation for the High Holidays, the Jerusalem police forces in collaboration with emergency and rescue services and the local authorities, held a city wide drill on Tuesday to test the readiness of forces for any potential security threat, reported the police spokesperson's office.
"The Jerusalem district has prepared its commanders, policemen and Border Police officers who are dedicated and determined, for hard work over the High Holidays in order to allow the citizens of the region and its many visitors to celebrate the holidays safely and securely," said District Commander Insp. Moshe Adari. 
The exercises were a part of a series of drills held in cooperation with the city that take place over the course of the year to check the readiness level of police forces in the area. The drill is designed to improve the operational readiness of the police officers and emergency rescue agencies in the city in the wake of a possible security related incident.