WATCH: Two boys try to rob bank in Rishon Lezion with a toy rifle

Would-be bank robbers, aged 12 and 13, were remanded into custody.

Two boys who tried to rob bank in Rishon Lezion with a toy gun
Two young boys were arrested Thursday for attempting to rob a bank in Rishon Lezion on Wednesday, armed with a toy assault rifle and wearing hooded sweatshirts in a bid to hide their identities.
The two would-be bank robbers, aged 12 and 13, arrived at the bank on Zadal Street in the city with their hoods pulled over their heads. Police said they came to a teller and said, “This is a robbery! Give us the money!” at which point the teller ran inside and hid, followed by the other tellers.
Police said the two boys then fled without stealing anything.
In a surveillance camera video released by police on Thursday, the two boys can be seen strolling up to the door of the bank, both of them hardly taller than the doorknob. One of the two is holding a plastic M-16 awkwardly aloft with just his right hand.
Police managed to track down the two boys within hours, arresting them at their homes. The fake rifle was also found in one of their homes.
The two boys, both residents of Rishon Lezion, were ordered to remain in custody until their hearing on Thursday, when the Rishon Magistrate’s Court ordered them released to house arrest until Sunday.