WATCH: Two planes in on-ground collision at Ben-Gurion Airport

Two planes in on-ground collision at Ben Gurion Ariport, March 28, 2018 (Israel Airports Authority)
A German Wings commercial plane pushed back from its position at a terminal of Ben-Gurion Airport and in the process hit the tail of a static El Al plane on Wednesday morning. Passengers were shaken up by the collision, but no resulting injuries were reported.
The El Al flight's intended destination was Rome and following the crash, both planes' passengers were evacuated from the plane by portable stairs.
In an interview with Israeli army radio, one of the passengers described the aftermath of the collision: "The [other] passengers spoke of confusion and a sense of disarray."
Reporter Amichai Stein from Israel public radio station Kan posted on Twitter a video and short explanation of the Wednesday morning crash. 

According to Israeli army radio, the investigation is ongoing in regards to the contributing factors to the crash.
Maariv contributed to this report.