Winter storm returns to Israel

Winter weather is expected to return Sunday, but will stop just in time for Election Day on Monday.

Heavy water flow at Waterfall in northern Israel (Credit: Yuval Bagno)
Winter weather is expected to return to Israel Sunday, but will stop just in time for election day on Monday. Rain is expected to fall throughout Sunday in northern and central Israel, as part of single thunderstorm encompassing the area.
The storms are not expected to affect the election on Monday, nor will a major cold snap occur on that day. On Tuesday, the temperature is expected to rise, especially in the northern sections of the country. The warming trend will continue on Wednesday, when temperatures will rise above average.
Local rainfall is expected in the Negev and there is a slight fear of heavy flooding along the eastern sections. Warmer temperatures are expected across the board. In Tel Aviv, temperatures will reach 18°C; in Jerusalem, 12; in Haifa, 15; in Beer Sheva, 17; and in Eilat, 22.
The Water Authority announced a rise of water levels in Lake Kinneret, which was measured at 209.68 meters on Sunday morning, a rise of four centimeters. At the moment, Lake Kinneret is only missing 88 centimeters from being at full capacity. The Water Authority also noted that if the water level rises beyond full capacity, the Degania Dam will opened and the water will be diverted to the Jordan River.
Similarly, given the continued snowfall on the Hermon mountain, the site will be open to visitors, extending the typical season that allows skiers to the enjoy its slopes.