10 IDF soldiers incarcerated for rape

20 more soldiers to be sentenced next week for rape of 14-year-old girl.

incarceration 88 (photo credit: )
incarceration 88
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10 IDF soldiers from the Negev air force base of Navatim were incarcerated on Thursday afternoon for their part in the rape of a 14-year-old girl. The soldiers were sentenced to 21-42 months military incarceration for "shameful behavior." Nine of those who were sentenced admitted to having sexual intercourse with the girl. One soldier refused to admit his guilt; however, his colleagues incriminated him. Next week, an additional 20 soldiers are set to be sentenced, along with two non-commissioned officers who have been accused of inappropriate behavior as they were aware of the rape but chose not to report it. A senior IDF officer said that the reason the perpetrators were not indicted in a civil court was that the girl and her family had refused to cooperate, saying they would not testify in a civil trial.