5 border cops hurt in e. J'lem riots

Palestinian youths pelt officers with stones after series of night-time arrests.

border police tear gas brilli 311 (photo credit: AP)
border police tear gas brilli 311
(photo credit: AP)
Five border policemen were wounded in Shuafat in east Jerusalem Monday afternoon when they were pelted with stones by the local Palestinians.
Overnight Sunday, combined police and border police officers entered Shuafat to carry out a number of arrests, as well as to secure municipal workers who were expected to enter the neighborhood Monday morning to carry out some maintenance work.
During the night, police arrested eleven people and then stayed in the neighborhood to secure the municipal workers. Work proceeded normally until the afternoon, when dozens of young Palestinians who finished their school day started pelting the officers with rocks.
Police arrested four more people following the riots Monday afternoon.
Municipal workers routinely ask for police accompaniment when working in Palestinian neighborhoods.
Of the officers wounded, one, a border police officer, was taken toHadassah Hospital in light condition; four other policemen were treatedon the scene.
Officers were still operating in the neighborhood early Monday evening.