'50% of Israelis blame IHH'

Poll: 63% of Palestinians claim victory in flotilla raid.

flotilla 13 shayetet 13 311 (photo credit: IDF Spokesman)
flotilla 13 shayetet 13 311
(photo credit: IDF Spokesman)
Fifty percent of Israelis say that responsibility for the difficult results of the Gaza flotilla raid lies with the flotilla organizers according to a survey published by Hebrew University on Tuesday.
However, only 28% of Israelis are of the opinion that the political echelon who made the decision to take control of the flotilla is responsible for the outcome.
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The survey also stated that 63% of Palestinians claim that they were the side that won in the incident.
Support amongst both the Israeli and Palestinian public for the plan put forward in the Oslo accords has increased. Support amongst Palestinians now stands at 49% for and 49% against. This level of support reflects an 11% rise compared to 2009.
Despite willingness on both sides, they do not believe that a Palestinian state will be established within the next five years. Two-thirds of the Israeli public and two-thirds of the Palestinian public were found to believe that the chances of a Palestinian state being established are very small or even non-existent.