6 campers survive sandstone collapse

Youths camping near Givat Olga buried inside tents by falling rocks; 5 lightly injured, 1 moderately.

givat olga collapse (photo credit: MDA)
givat olga collapse
(photo credit: MDA)
Six youths who decided to spend Monday night camping on the beach in Givat Olga, in central Israel were spared disaster when they survived a sandstone which collapsed directly on their tent site. A seventh member of the group was swimming at the time and was unharmed. One person was moderately injured and the others lightly injured. The group set up their tent in an untended beach known as "the Chinese Beach," located south of the official Givat Olga beach. The sandstone collapsed early Tuesday morning, when the group was sleeping, though one had woken up and had already left the site to swim. A paramedic on the scene said the group was "miraculously" saved from a disaster. The paramedic said "tons of ground and rocks" buried the campers. The moderately injured man was taken to hospital, apparently with a broken leg. The lightly injured campers were treated on the scene.