7 soldiers wounded by anti-tank missile

2nd tank drives over, detonates explosive device; 6 claimed dead in IAF strike.

Seven soldiers were lightly to moderately wounded near the Lebanese town of Bint Jbail on Tuesday, when a rocket was launched at an IDF tank. A second tank that came to rescue the first, drove over an explosive device, detonating it. No one was wounded in the second incident. The wounded soldiers were returned to Israel to receive medical treatment at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Meanwhile, the fighting in the area continued. Lebanese sources reported that at least six people were killed during an IAF attack on the town of Ghaziya south of Tyre on Tuesday. Several buildings reportedly collapsed, trapping people in the rubble. Witnesses said that among the buildings struck was the home of Hizbullah religious leader Sheikh Mustafa Khalifa. It was not known what was Khalifa's fate. Israel Radio reported locals as saying that the strike took place during a funeral for 15 casualties on Monday's assault. The army said that over 30 Hizbullah operatives were killed in the western sector of southern Lebanon. The latest figures bring the total Hizbullah death toll in the sector to 480.