Abu Ghosh teen killed in clan shootout following traffic dispute

"The police aren't doing enough to stop crime in the Arab sector."

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abu gosh 88
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Nader Jaber, a 16 year-old resident of the Israeli-Arab village of Abu Ghosh was killed Saturday night after a skirmish between rival clans in the wake of a traffic dispute. Two drivers from the Jaber and Othman clans were arrested Saturday following a dispute over right of way. The drivers were interrogated and released with a warning. After leaving the police station in Jerusalem at around 9 p.m. on Saturday, the vehicle of the Jaber family, containing a father and his three sons, was attacked with clubs and firearms as they entered the village. Two of the sons, a 13 year old and 16 year old were injured by gunfire; the latter died from his wounds in hospital. The origins of the rivalry between the Jabar and Othman clans are believed to stem from conflicting business interests. Several violent incidents have been recorded between the clans in the past. An independent researcher of Arab-Israeli affairs, wishing to remain anonymous, stated that he does not believe that the bloodshed will stop soon. "The police aren't doing enough to stop crime in the Arab sector," he stated. Police forces are currently making efforts to restore quiet to the village. Four suspects were arrested Sunday and warrants have been issued for the arrest of an undisclosed number of additional suspects. The mayor of Abu Ghosh, Salim Jaber condemned the attack. "This is a heinous crime; attacking an innocent child is despicable," he said. Jaber commended the police for their quick and competent response to the incident. "We thank the police for their hard work and the excellent job they are doing," he said. The mayor said that village elders were cooperating to quell the discord, but did not rule out the possibility that the Jaber clan would seek revenge. "With Arabs there is always revenge," he said. "We will do everything we can, but not everything is within our control."