All you need to know from Home Front Command

Residents of the southern Golan Heights instructed to stay inside secure rooms.

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homefront command 88
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Home Front Commander Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Gershon issued instructions to civilians for how they ought to protect themselves in the event of rocket attacks:
  • Residents of the southern Golan Heights should stay inside secure rooms.
  • Citizens living along the northern border, in Karmiel and north of the city should remain in bomb shelters and secured rooms.
  • Citizens living from Haifa to Karmiel should remain inside. Upon hearing an explosion or a siren, those inside buildings must immediately enter secured or other interior rooms. Those remaining outdoors should enter a nearby building or stairwell, take shelter against a wall, or even lie on the ground. "When the siren is sounded you will have less than a minute to get into underground shelters and secure rooms," said Gershon.
  • Residents in areas south of Haifa should go about their business as usual. The Major-General urged the public to listen to the media for additional instructions, call its information center at 1207 or go to the Home Front Command's website. TV Channel 33 will broadcast the Home Front Command instructions every hour on the hour. Emergency numbers: Home Front Command: 1207 Haifa Municipality: 1212-466-106 Tiberias Municipality: 04-673-9632 Rambam hospital: 1255-144 Rambam fax #: 04-854-3420 Bnei Zion hospital: 1255-145 Bnei Zion fax numbers: 04-8359306 Karmel Hospital: 1255-142