Ambassador to UK questioned for money laundering

Israeli police have questioned the country's ambassador to Britain, Zvi Hefetz, in an investigation into what may be the country's biggest money-laundering scandal, officials said Tuesday. Hefetz was brought in for questioning last Friday after landing at Tel Aviv's international airport, said police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld. He was questioned for six hours for "his possible connection to making illegal transactions and laundering," Rosenfeld said. Hefetz cooperated fully, was not charged and has since returned to London, though the investigation is continuing, Rosenfeld said. Hefetz is a former business representative of Russian media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky, a central figure in the laundering affair. "All I can say is that I have not committed any offense, and I am convinced this will be the outcome of this inquiry," Hefetz said in a statement. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the allegations "have nothing whatsoever to do with his position as ambassador in London."