Animal rescue group bids to combat wave of cat killings

Animal rescue group bids

rescued cats 248.88 (photo credit: )
rescued cats 248.88
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The Ahava animal rescue organization is planning to launch a massive neutering operation for street cats in an Arab village in the North, following what it has described as a senseless killing campaign directed against the animals recently. "Rocks are the murder weapons of choice," Ahava said in a press release. " The culprits are children who are too young to face criminal proceedings, and there is no cooperation from witnesses in the village." The organization has rescued 43 kittens and three dogs from the village in recent weeks, all of which urgently require homes, and decided to sterilize the remaining cats. "The killing will stop only if there are no helpless kittens in the village," said Sana, a volunteer with Ahava who hails from the area. "We are asking for volunteers from across the country to help transport the cats from the village to veterinarians, and we are asking for donations to pay the veterinarians for sterilization and vaccinations." Ahava is in heavy debt due to its refusal to put animals in its care to sleep. Instead, it has provided them with medical support, regardless of their physical condition. The organization has asked those who can help in any way to contact it at or at (09) 958-8833.