Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore share ‘love, light’ in Israel

Communication is key word for Hollywood couple's current visit as pair reportedly renew wedding vows, talk social networking in Tel Aviv.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore 311 (photo credit: AP)
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore 311
(photo credit: AP)
Communication is the key word for Hollywood couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s current visit in Israel – whether it’s talking social networking in Tel Aviv, or reportedly renewing his wedding vows with his wife of five years.
“Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are here, and Ashton is going to give a speech on Monday at the Bezeq Expo in Tel Aviv,” said Ze’ev Michael Zoberman, the media marketing manager of the Tel Aviv Kabbala Center, which, along with Bezeq, is hosting Kutcher and Moore during their stay.
“They went to the Kotel on Saturday night, and on Sunday, they did some traveling in the North with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, the director of the Kabbala Center,” he added.
Kutcher was in Israel only two months ago with Scout, Moore’s daughter with ex-husband Bruce Willis. On that visit, Kutcher attended the birthday party of Rabbi Shraga Berg, Yehuda’s father and the founder of the Kabbala Center, together with hundreds of Kabbala enthusiasts in Beit Shmuel, the Center for Progressive Judaism in Jerusalem.
Kutcher and Moore were married in 2005 at a ceremony at the Kabbala Center in Los Angeles, and have long been involved in Kabbala activities after being introduced to it by their friend Madonna.
On Sunday, Kutcher wrote on his Twitter account: “Sharing Love & Light while in Israel.
Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences.”
Kutcher is the third mostpopular member of Twitter, with 5,909,523 followers, the main reason he was invited to speak at the Bezeq Expo, which is marking the one year anniversary of its Next Generation Network (NGN) technology.
According to the expo’s website, “this year the event [at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds] will be dedicated to the subject of communications in a multidimensional world, in which the thin line between imagination and reality will be presented through means of innovative technologies and the most advanced developments based upon last year’s newly-inaugurated Ultra-Broadband of the NGN network.”
“Ashton is going to speak about his activity in new media, and the companies he’s involved in related to gaming and social networks,” said Zoberman. “He’s been on the edge of some interesting projects with new companies in these fields, and of course, he was an early champion of Twitter.”
Kutcher is a major investor in Internet properties, and he’s the owner of a successful multiplatform media company called Katalyst.
According to Bezeq, the actor “symbolizes more than anyone else the social network revolution, with over 5 million Twitter followers.”
While his speech on Monday may be the official reason why Kutcher and Moore are here, according to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail, there are more personal reasons.
The paper reported that Kutcher and Moore were planning to renew their wedding vows in Israel, weeks after reports emerged in the media about Kutcher’s alleged infidelity.
In the most recent allegation, Kutcher’s purported mistress, Brittney Jones, told The Star tabloid over the weekend that Kutcher and Moore have an open marriage regularly involving threesomes, with women handpicked by Moore.
That topic, naturally, is not expected to be part of the Bezeq Expo.