Assi Dayan suffers heart attack

Asi Dayan stable after h

Illustrious actor and director Assi Dayan suffered a heart attack on Tuesday afternoon and was evacuated to Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center. He was admitted in a serious condition before undergoing catheterization. After the procedure, his condition was described as good, and he was said to be fully conscious. Dayan is the son of former IDF Chief of General Staff Moshe Dayan, and played the leading role in the Israeli TV series B'Tipul. The drama show was later adapted by HBO into the acclaimed In Treatment. Last month, Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court Judge Zion Kapah gave Dayan a one-year suspended sentence after convicting him on charges of assaulting and threatening his girlfriend. According to the indictment, to which Dayan pleaded guilty in a plea bargain with the state prosecution, he attacked her twice within 24 hours. Kapah attributed Dayan's violence against his girlfriend to an overdose of Ritlin, a medicine often prescribed for hyper-active people. Dan Izenberg contributed to this report.