Author Shlomo Nitzan dies at 84

Author Shlomo Nitzan died Sunday morning in Tel Aviv at the age of 84. A writer who belonged to the 1948 generation, which came of age in the years preceding the founding of the State of Israel, Nitzan immigrated to Palestine from Lithuania in 1935, when he was only 14. He was the editor of the children's newspaper Mishmar Layeladim, and the author of almost two dozen works of fiction. The subject of his most well-known work is the story of a young man growing up during the 1948 War of Independence. His last book, Inventory, tells the story of an older man who is hospitalized and loses sense of the passage of time. Nitzan is survived by his son, Omri Nitzan, the artistic director of the Cameri Theater. His funeral is scheduled for Monday at the Yarkon Cemetery in Tel Aviv.