Channel 10: Errant ILS data led to 5 near misses at B-G Airport

Errant data sent out by Ben Gurion Airport's Instrument Landing System (ILS) - meant to guide aircraft to the runway in cases of poor visibility - nearly led to fatal accidents on five occasions some three weeks ago, Channel 10 reported Monday. In one such case, an El Al plane arriving from the northeast came in too low and nearly collided with the ground. A warning siren sounded, and the pilot, along with air traffic control, managed to avoid an accident at the last moment. The height of plants in nearby fields has been blamed for disrupting the waves emitted by the ILS. According to regulations, the maximum permissible height of plants in the area is 20 centimeters, and Channel 10 said that negligence on the part of the Israel Airports Authority has led to growths of more than 1.5 meters.