College to fire prof who refused to teach student in army uniform

College to fire professor who refused to teach student in army uniform.

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reservists 63
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Sapir College has begun proceedings to dismiss Prof. Nizar Hassan after he refused to apologize to a student, Eyal Cohen, for declining to teach Cohen while he was in uniform. A disciplinary committee gave Hassan a week to draft an apology or be fired. After he refused to do so, the college decided to begin the termination process. Last November, Cohen went straight to Hassan's class from serving reserve duty in Military Intelligence without changing out of his uniform. Hassan told Cohen he would not teach him while he was in uniform. He also refused to allow Cohen to respond until the following class, when he was no longer in uniform. Cohen told The Jerusalem Post Monday night he had no comment at this time. Student Union head David Barnan told the Post in response that "Any professor who is not willing to teach this or that student can go elsewhere. We have a very nice college here with good teachers and good students. "We understand that he was given the opportunity to apologize and refused. He took his fate in his own hands. We will not get involved in the college's decision." Barnan said he believed most students approved of the decision. "In general, most of the students support the decision, while a minority is saddened by it," he said.