Comment: The last thing we need is to be broken apart

At least on the diplomatic front, the cease-fire appears to be a success. I think we have achieved very good terms for our diplomatic concerns and perhaps excellent terms for our military concerns. Where we do not have success, however, is among the Israeli public. On the home front, there is a feeling, a sentiment, that we have lost. I fear that on Monday morning, when the Knesset meets for its emergency session, we will enter into a second, more difficult struggle - that for internal unity. Tomorrow, we will find ourselves in a situation in which our soldiers will remain in Lebanon and skirmishes may continue. All those who are not satisfied with the government and the way it has acted will redirect their fire into the political sphere and challenge the decisions the government has made these past few months. I believe this is a great danger for us now, because the last thing we need is to be broken apart by internal forces. I truly hope that the cease-fire will accomplish our objectives and remove Hizbullah from Lebanon and one day disarm it. On the other hand, I suspect that Hizbullah will not respect the cease-fire and will seek any opportunity to spill blood. I hope that the strength and fiber of the Israeli political scene will be strong and remain united, so that we can remain calm and strengthen our home front.