Comptroller rejects criticism of Sela report

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss rejected on Monday criticism leveled at him for publishing the report on Sela's handling of the disengagement from Gaza so close to the date of the Knesset elections. Lindenstrauss said that his office was addressing the professional aspects of disengagement, and was not concerned with politics, Army Radio reported. "We don't stop our work during elections; we keep working as if there weren't elections," Lindenstrauss stated in the State Comptroller's Committee. "If we hadn't published anything, there are people who would have said that it was because of the elections. Shutting down the comptroller's office for months because of the elections isn't an option." Lindenstrauss also denied that the report was "imbalanced," and said that the lack of cooperation from the Gaza Strip evacuees made finding housing solutions for them difficult.