Contamination fears halt water bottling

Mineral water companies Eden, Neviot, say rainfall may have changed wellspring soil's composition.

mey eden 248.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
mey eden 248.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Mey Eden, one of the leading mineral water producers in the country, halted the filling of bottles and tabletop water dispensers on Monday for fear of contaminants in the water, Army Radio reported. Tests conducted over the weekend indicated that rainfall may have altered the concentration of minerals in the soil of the Salukiya wellspring, where Mey Eden's water originates, and caused changes in the water's quality. The Health Ministry clarified that all Mey Eden products currently on store shelves were perfectly safe. The contamination was discovered during a routine inspection by the company. After additional tests were conducted by the Health Ministry the company decided to take preventive measures and cease bottling water. Mey Eden's product is bottled directly from the wellspring without undergoing further filtering in order to preserve the Salukiya soil's rich mineral content. Hadas Yariv, a scientific adviser and nutritional technician working in Mey Eden told Army Radio that "the problem is that there is no compliance. Most tests are within our standard, but there is a limited number which are below par. The tests we conducted in an external laboratory [Sunday] had good results - but we cannot allow ourselves to gamble." The company said that halting the bottling of its product might create disruptions in its supply. The company set up an information hot-line for clients. The number is *5335 in Israel. Neviot, Israel's leader in the production of mineral water, followed Mey Eden's cue after tests conducted at its Ein Zahav wellspring showed a rise in the impurity levels of the water. The Salukia wellspring is located in the southern Golan Heights. Ein Zahav traverses the northern town of Kiryat Shmona. Neviot, too, cited recent rainfall as a cause of the apparent increase in impurities. The company said available products were pure and there was no need to recall them from store shelves.