Degel Hatorah mentor Rabbi Elyashiv opposes Shas civil union compromise

In a move that could hamper Likud's coalition negotiations with haredi parties, Degel Hatorah mentor Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv has expressed his opposition to any compromise on the civil union issue and has even rejected a solution put forward by Shas, according to which Israel would allow civil marriages between Israeli non-Jews, a source close to the rabbi revealed Friday. Finding a solution for couples seeking recognition for civil unions without a religious ceremony is one of potential coalition partner Israel Beiteinu's key demands that was accepted by Likud last week. Elyashiv reportedly stated that particularly since a narrow, right-wing coalition appeared to be on the cards, United Torah Judaism - of which Degel Hatorah is a component - could not allow changes to the status quo on the civil union issue. Shas is also unlikely to go against the revered halachic authority.