Dep. State Attorney: No compromise made in Hebron

Shai Nitzan, Deputy State Attorney for Special Tasks, said on Tuesday morning that no agreement had been signed between the settlers in Hebron and the security establishment, despite claims to the contrary. Although he conceded that theoretically an agreement could have been made without his knowledge, he found the situation "hard to imagine." Nitzan said he knew of no security official who would have promised to let the settlers return after being evacuated without consulting other authorities. In the interview with Army Radio, he said the state had informed the High Court of Justice that the evacuation would be completed by February 15, and so it was. Nitzan noted that perhaps a verbal agreement had been reached, but such a compromise would hold no legal standing in the High Court of Justice. Nitzan also related to the preparations for evacuating Amona, likening them to those undertaken for the disengagement from Gush Katif. The area was declared a closed military zone, and the deputy said that there would be no tolerance for violence. Arrests and indictments would be implemented if necessary, Nitzan said.