Dror Alperon nabbed at airport on new extortion charges

Dror Alperon nabbed at a

Dror Alperon, son of the late underworld kingpin Yaakov Alperon - who was assassinated in a car bomb attack in 2008 - was arrested Tuesday morning at Ben-Gurion Airport on suspicion of participating in a violent extortion racket. Alperon had only recently completed a jail sentence after being found guilty of another extortion racket, targeting a young nightlife promoter. In the current case, police say he worked with his brother, Elad, and a minor to pull off another extortion scheme. Detectives from Tel Aviv's Central Unit waited for Alperon at the airport with an arrest warrant. Police had approved Alperon's visit to Thailand, lifting an exit ban that was in place against him, before receiving new information linking him to the new allegations. Speaking to Channel 2 News, Ahuva Alperon, Dror's mother, said, "What has he done wrong? He left [the country] with their [the police's] permission?... these things kill mothers." She added, "What would have happened if they had let him put his bag down at home? Is this justice? ...What was the rush in humiliating him at the airport in front of everyone? Soon it will be a year [since my husband's death] and no one will be with me." A family attorney, Nir David, said the police had no case.