Explosives, guns found in series of police raids

Police launched multiple, unrelated raids against the homes of suspected criminals across the central region this week, uncovering a large number of explosive devices and firearms. "The only connection between these raids is that we are taking the issue of firearms in criminal hands with the utmost seriousness," Central District Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi told The Jerusalem Post. "Over the past few days, there have been a large number of seizures." In Ramle on Tuesday, police targeted the Jorash crime family with a raid, uncovering four explosive devices, a handgun and 101 clips of ammunition for various firearms. Two people were detained for questioning, and the explosives were sent to a forensics lab for further analysis. Sagi said it was too soon to know whom the suspects had intended to target with the explosives. On Monday evening, police in Netanya uncovered explosive devices during a raid on a home and dispatched a bomb squad with a robot to neutralize them. The devices' remnants were taken to the police's national headquarters in Jerusalem for further analysis. Four suspects, including an IDF soldier, were arrested in the raid. The soldier has been handed over to Military Police. A small quantity of hashish was also found. Also on Monday, in Kfar Saba, police acted on intelligence and raided the home of a 23-year-old man with a record of firearms offenses. A 9-mm. handgun was recovered, as were clips for M-16 assault rifles. The raid also uncovered jewelry police suspect was stolen, and hashish. The suspect has been placed under arrest.