High schoolers sensitive to gay, haredi viewpoints [p. 5]

Sixty-four percent of pupils in the secular Ankori high school system oppose holding the gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, according to a study conducted this week in Ankori's nine campuses. At the same time, 63% of pupils believe that forbidding the march constitutes a move that is counter to democratic principles. The two trends indicate sensitivity to the haredi opposition - 65% agree with haredi concerns over the march - alongside a willingness to permit gay pride parades in general, in keeping with "the central values of democracy." Surprisingly, pupils at the school system's Tel Aviv campus indicated the most opposition to holding the parade in Jerusalem, with 82% opposed. Rishon Lezion and Ra'anana, meanwhile, were most supportive of the Jerusalem march: 50% of pupils in the Rishon Lezion high school approved of it, with only 35% opposed. In Ra'anana, the figures were 52% to 42%. The Ankori system plans to use the results of the poll to conduct discussions on the issue with the students in the high schools. Besides the cities mentioned, Ankori also has high schools in Jerusalem, Ashdod, Haifa, the Krayot region, Holon, Petah Tikva and Ashdod.