His Beduin bodyguard

While Avigdor Lieberman has sparked outrage among the country's Arab minority with his harsh rhetoric about citizen loyalty and demands for an oath of allegiance, a member of that minority guards the Israel Beiteinu chairman's life - and his loyalty goes without question. Fareed, an Israeli Beduin and member of the Knesset's security team, only recently became Lieberman's bodyguard, but the politician is now seldom seen without him. He escorts Lieberman everywhere, makes sure the buildings and the rooms inside of them are clear before Lieberman enters, and assesses possible threats against the MK, tasked with protecting his life at all costs. Fareed is a member of a crack unit within the Knesset security team called "Koach Oz," made up of only a few chosen guards from the parliament's regular security detail. They have all gone through combat training and security courses, and boast impressive military backgrounds. Lieberman is one of two Knesset members who aren't ministers or deputy ministers but who are provided with a security detail by the Knesset. The other is former Labor leader Amir Peretz.